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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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chains required in and around the tahoe basin tonight. snow there and rain here. >> let's go to sandy with live doppler 7 hd. >> winter has arrived. cold storm dropped down from the gulf of alaska. brought us rain. snow to the sierra a.let's check out the doppler. showers are beginning to redevelop. they are coming in from the north and we are even seeing some snow as you take a look here we have been seeing some snow just north of clear lake here. pink is the mixed precipitation. blue is actual snow that is falling. let's pan around. i'll show you where it is raping right now. we have very lit showers around dillon beach road. bodega bay. jenner out to see bass total. down to monterey bay. they picked up pretty heavy rain but it is actually mixed precipitation in the big sur mountains. we is he colder air moving in. lightning strike
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off the coast. no thunderstorms reported here in the bay area but still a threat. chain control on all roads leading to the lake tahoe area right now. not done with the snow or the rain by any stretch of the imagination and we may even be talking about snow here over our local peak. back with the full look at the forecast make sure you have your umbrella long coat and boot when you head out the door. chilly start to the morning. >> thank you. >> in the east bay woman kidnapped from one of the saf safest city in the bay area. woman was abducted at the shade land business market in walnut creek relessed 3 hours later in oakland. allen is live in walnut creek with the developing story. she's okay right. >>reporter: yes she is going to be okay but the 2 assailant are still out there tonight. it was about this dark yesterday around 7:30 when kidnapped out of this parking lot here at the shade land business park. now what worries people here is that police believe the 2 assailant randomly picked her out. pg&e
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says it hired more security guards to work later hours at the shade land business park in walnut creek. that's after a 57-year-old woman was abducted as she left the pg&e office here last night. she was confronted by 2 men. both white male adults. they accosted her. blindfolded her and bound and gagged her and put her in the back of her own car. >>reporter: for 2 hours police say they drove her to automatic teller machines in walnut creek and took out money from her bank accounts. around 11:00 o'clock last night they dropped her off and left her car in this oakland neighborhood near highway 24 and the caldecott tunnel. woman untied herself and got help from a neighbor. >> small brown pickup truck if it wasn't brown it was a darker color had a loud muffler. that vehicle was scene leaving the scene. that's the vehicle of interest at this point. >>reporter: we spoke to several employee ins the business park. they say it's scary because police believe
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the woman was randomly targete targeted. >> this is always been a wonderful area to, would. wonderful police for our employees. quite surprising and pretty brazen. >>reporter: suspect one described as white male in early 20's. 5 poot 11, 185 to 190 pounds with broad shoulders and short dark hair. he was wearing a light colored t-shirt under a black zip up shirt with blue jeans. suspect 2 is a white man in early to mid 20's. he's about 5 foot 9, 150 pounds and wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark jeans. police say the 57-year-old woman was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and she was released but very scary ordeal for her. i'm reporting in walnut creek, abc 7 news. >> okay thank you. >> oakland police released this composite sketch of one of 2 men who tried to kidnap 14-year-old girl yesterday afternoon. happened near 103 avenue and international boulevard. the girl was
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grabbed from behind and pulled toward a newer model red dodge ram pickup truck but she did manage to escape. >> san francisco fire officials are investigating the cause of an intense blaze tonight that all but destroyed home in monterey heights neighborhood. fire started just after 6:30 on fern wood drive near rose wood. crew were on the roof using a chain saw to get to hot spots. construction work was being done on the house. it's unclear if anyone is living there. mountain view police have shut down a drug lab producing a psychedelic substance used by this sacred ritual. drug known as dmt. we are live in mountain view tonight. this may the first bust of its kind in the bay area. >>reporter: that's true. lab was found inside this apartment complex. police say that dmt is aha! louis general ick drug that is 10 times stronger than lsd. the lab are rare. police only know of 3 in the entire
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state. clean up crew worked well that the night to safely dispose of the suburban mount view drug lab discovered earlier in the day when police and s.w.a.t. team raided 2 adjoining apartment complexes on bush street. they served 4 search warrants and found a dmt lab. >> about it's an hallucinogen, fast acting illegal and from what we know so far this may the first lab of this kind in the bay area. >>reporter: police were tipped off by neighbors. this neighbor who doesn't want to be identified says people would come and go from the apartment at all hours. and she says it smelled. >> they had this also barbecue on the side and they were never cooking anything but you could smell burping plats particular. >>reporter: it's found in plants. sham an are known to used it in a ceremony drink. this is what it looks like up close. police didn't find any finished product. it was still in the process of being made. so they found frozen plant material, broken down plants
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acid and other unknown chemica chemical. also recovered heroin, meth, marijuana and several guns and other weapons. at least 3 people were arrested. the man who owns the building says he knew his tenant smoked a little but had no idea about the lab. >> i didn't see anything illegal or something crazy going on. >>reporter: police do expect to make more arrest. they haven't release add dollar amount on what this lab could have proud but tell me a gram goes for upward of 900 dollars. this is abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> happening now in san jose. people in need are camping out at san jose food pantry. tomorrow sacred heart community services giving away thousands of food boxes for the holiday. lillian is at sacred heart where the line continues to grow. lillian? >>reporter: it's chilly out here but that's not stopping dozens of people from camping out. this is the front of the
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lichbility it started forming at 9:00 a.m. it's grown quite a bit since then and no doubt go around the corner during the overnight hours. they are sleeping in the cold. some are even waiting in line with their small children. this couple came prepared. >> blankets. and food and food and tent. >>reporter: this is what they are waiting for. food for the holidays. starting friday morning people in need will be able to reserve a box for thanksgiving and another one for christmas. family will also be able to seen up for to toys for the little ones. sake receipt heart community service anticipates giving away over 7000 food box and over 16,000 toys. >> some of them have part-time jobs where they used to have full-time jobs. they really struggling right now especially with so many years of the recession. their assets drying up very, very quickly. >>reporter: he is thankful for food for the holiday. he's had a hard time making a good of
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things. window washing service never got off the ground. >> nobody wants to pay nothing. i was down to continue dollars to do a power wash on mobile home and nobody wants to pay 10 dollars. >>reporter: they discourage people from waiting in line overnight. there are enough boxes for everyone but even with that guardian tee, the line continues to grow. >> this is what they the cell. in a life full of uncertainty that's what they can do so who am i to stand in the way of that. >>reporter: sacred heart plans to open the doors at 7:30 am. it will remain open until 6. live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> people in san anselmo dealing with second major sewage spill in a little over a week. sanitation officials say 10,000 gallons of raw sewage poured out after homeowner drove a stake that a pipe accidentally. that's after 8 88,000 gallon leaked from another broken pipe late last month. forget black friday. now
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it's black thursday. wal-mart and sears both opening the stores at 8:00 p.m. thanks giving day. 2 hours earlier than last year for wal-mart. eight hours earlier for sears. black friday has been the traditional super discount day to the attract holiday shopper shoppers. high end discount stores at the mall in livermore drew huge crowd on this opening day. sky 7 hd flew overhead tonight. you can see how heavy the traffic was on 5 80 heading that the mall just before six this evening. maul predicts as many as 140,000 customers will come through the doors this weekend. >> a lot tonight it looks like. >> as we continue tonight. group of bay area resident has given up on america as we know it an has formed their own government. >> sounds incredible. l we managed to get inside one of their meetings and dan is here now with the investigation. >>reporter: this group is waiting for the collapse of the u.s. government. the members are serious. even taken symbolic blood oath. up next. how they live outside the law
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as they make plans to take over the country. >> also the president sensitive side. what drove mr. obama to tears in the just released video. >> then later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". spent nearly 40 years behind bars for double murder he insist he did not commit. today he was set free. amazing story of a decades long fight for justice. >> hang over star bradley cooper wearing the mantle of cooper wearing the mantle of sexiest man alive. on >> stay with us. 7 news at 1 >> stay with us. 7 news at 1 11:00 will b
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>> pay area residents say they are no longer part of this country and they have taken a blood oath joined a group that has formed its own government
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with own law and leaders. >> people with similar belief been linked to variety of crime including killing police officers. only the abc 7 news team was able to get that one of the meetings. >> dan is here with a look at what the republic for the united states is all about. >>reporter: so-called sovereign citizens movement has grown in recent years. but even the fbi doesn't know how many people are involved. some experts say there may be hundreds of thousands of people. tonight the i team gets exclusive access to meeting of people from across california who formed a shadow government for when the real one collapses. >> i pledge allegiance. >>reporter: sounds like it. >> one nation under god. >>reporter: looks like it. >> and justice for all. >>reporter: but this isn't the old glory and i know. >> we are here to save our nation aren't we. >>reporter: this is the october meeting of the calf assembly of the republic for the united states of america. people from all of the state including the bay area gather
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in the central valley time once a month to plan for the future. the group believes active congress in 1871 made the u.s. government a private for profit corporation. members say after that congress changed its oath of office and that means the republican take over. >> basically as a member of congress they changed take an oath of office to corporation. at that immediate moment they vacated congress. >>reporter: republic has elected its own representatives. senators. even a president. they are waiting for the u.s. government to collapse and when it does they say they will take charge. >> we are really working for the constitutional government, limited government. >>reporter: group follows common-law. believes driver's license not needed and paying tax is operational. >> matter of us being the solve republic we are to rule ourselves. >>reporter: this is a ji gap particular joke. he tracks the activity and republic
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leadership states it's not part of the sovereign movement. any militia and doesn't promote violence but he says the belief fit the movement ideology. >> they have the same set of ideas. the government is not legitimate. it is engaged in a massive rip off of the citizen citizens. >> believing in this ideology as you unusual as it seems is not a crime. >>reporter: this special agent oversees the task force in northern california. he says the fbi doesn't get involved with sovereigns unless there's evidence of illegal activity. >> it certainly a priority. the biggest concern that i have is individuals who may become violent. >>reporter: buckley says most sovereign crimes are schemes involving mortgage fraud or promises to relieve debt. in fact the republic president turner is in federal custody on fraud and tax charges. >> since 2007 this man has been traveling around telling people they can get out of certain debt. that they can get free
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money from the government and whole series of other falsehoods. >>reporter: also case where is sovereign not linked to the republic have been violent and confrontational n.2010 jerry and joe killed 2 of centers west memphis, arkansas. they died later in a shoot out with police. >> i'm not subject to your jurisdiction. >>reporter: when sovereign citizen refused to leave his camera outside idaho courtroom a bailiff tazed him. >> step back. >> oh. >>reporter: in arizona michael crane is accused of murdering 3 people he claims the court has no authority over him. >> i am a solve republic man. man of flesh and blood. we come in peace to offer for giveness that dates back to vl defrauded this country so badl badly. >>reporter: back at the california assembly meeting the people in this room are about to make it official. >> what we are doing here today as group and i hope as a family is to say yes, i want to be a
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sovereign living in honor. >>reporter: they raise their right hand and swear an oath of citizenship. [ taking oath]. >>reporter: now part of different government. with different leaders and different laws. the final step symbolic blood oath placing a red thumb print on the new citizenship document. >> congrats layings to all who declared your citizenship with republic for the united states of america. [applause]. >>reporter: i want to be clear the mobs we spoke with say they are not violent but they will take over when the u.s. government fails. group also claims to have the support of the u.s. military. both southern poverty law center and fbi say that's not true. >> wild world. >> that's right. >> thanks dan. >> new at 11:00. president obama will make a major address
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tomorrow morning regarding the so-called fiscal cliff the country is facing. the president bush era tax cut set to expire the first of the year and defense medicare examine in line for deep cuts. yesterday president obama show add side we rarely see as he spoke with his chicago campaign staff about what they had achieved. >> i'm really proud of you and. [applause] and what you have done. >>reporter: obama campaign released that video today. let's go back and talk about the weather where we started at the top and system moving around the bay area tonight. >> it's cold out there right now. sandhya is here. >> sure is. temperatures are really dropping. i have lowered the low temperatures wait until you see is what come by morning. bundle up heading out the door. we are still showing shower development right now as the cold unstable
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air continues to move in. we have snow still falling in the mountains north of clear lake, cobb mountain seen mixed precipitation and as we show you the north bay we are seeing some rainfall not snow right now around is he boss poll, barnett valley road and he rainfall and occidental and this is all very light around highway 12 and will remain light for the most part except for some occasional brief downpour in the next few hours. half moon bay getting light rainfall as well. so how much have we received in the last 24 hours? you can take a look for yourself. half moon bay 1200. san francisco 1800. not much around saint helena. oakland 400. livermore in the rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains doesn't get whole lot any way. trace in san jose. temperatures this is our story. getting cold out there. 39 degrees in santa rosa. in the 40's across the rest of the bay area compared to 24 hours ago, look at this. 5 to 13 degrees
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colder. napa great tweet. cold is penetrating my house. finally had to give in and turn on the heat. cozy now and probably a good idea. turn up the heat. get the flannel p j on. 34 degrees right now here. 32 mount hamilton and hawk eye is 37 degrees when the showers come in switch over to snow so we are keeping the snow potential in the forecast above 3000 feet. scattered showers through friday. snow possible above 3000 feet. our local peak may get light dusting of snow heading into tomorrow and chance of thunder and hail. satellite and radar. this is the cold storm from gulf of alaska. the system that brought us the steady rain earlier but now you can see the low still there's come down sought cold unstable air mass will drop down here over the next 24 hours. scattered showers tonight. increasing in the overnight hours. morning commute you will see wet
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roadway in the morning. grabt umbrella. in the evening still some showers lingering. could see snow up before 3000 feet. early saturday morning all winds down. weekend plans looking just fine. sierra nevada winter weather advisory until 4:00 p.m. friday we have seen heavy snow already up to continue inches of snow expected. blowing snow near the passes. chain control required right now. carry the chains even though the snow is lighter. tomorrow morning col cold. 35 in santa rosa. 37 degrees in napa. 39 half man bay getting down to 37 in concord. so you will feel the chill. 42 in san jose, cool showering day for your friday. tempts in the 50's around the monterey bay. it's a cool day as well. carry your umbrella with you. accu-weather 7 day forecast driing out for the weekend. veterans day looking fine. it's chilly on sunday morning. temperatures dropping below freezing in some areas could see the first frost of the season. another chance
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come in tuesday and wednesday. mike will be here of in the morning tracking our showers with live doppler 7 hd. >> talk up next about protecting you and your family this winter. this winter. >> 7 news will help you get s.
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>> today is the start of our campaign operation 7 save a life to raise awareness about the importance of carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. bay area fire department are coming together to prevent casualty from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. goal is to increase the numbers of smoke alarms in homes. home depot donating 3000 dollars to help seniors and anyone who can't afford one. >> idea of exit criminal in the home. smoke detector. alarm. early noet notification paramount to saving lives. >>reporter: for tips on protecting your family and home check out operation 7 save a life on our web site 7 news in
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.com. find it under see it on tv. >> so important. so easy to d do. all right. bad break for the warriors. >> larry is here now. >> yes. tl when was the last good break? warriors play the lakers tomorrow night. andrew spectator. niece street clothes for awhile. plus can andrew luck take the colts from dead last to the my offs? dead last to the my offs? sports is
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>> good evening. warrior fans repeat after me. no time to panic. this is no time to panic. but the team is shutting down andrew bogus. no time to panic 7 to continue days. bogus at training camp. he pushed a play in the regular season. he wanted to come back but he's not in shape yet. surgically repaired ankle sore
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after games. he amples 6 points in 18 minutes each contest. he needs time to heal up and get into game shape. no time to pap ick. >> came back a little early because i wanted to test the ankle out. really see where i was at and probably a little too soon but that's what i wanted to do hasn't gotten worse. hasn't gotten better this last week. >> once again this is not a set back. it's us staying true to the process and pl playing games we reached a plateau where it is best to take time to strengthen it. >> it's a set back. nba action tonight. oklahoma city and chicago first quarter. to kevin with the wind mill slam here that is with authority. led okc with 24. 91-89 and hits the jumper to seal the
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deal. indianapolis colts won 2 games last year that gave them the opportunity to draft andrew luck with no. 1 pick to resurrect the fran khichlts he has done it in instant fashion. stanford man against jaguar. show one bag on the head. that's a sign they call themselves the bag war. luck with the ball picked off by ross. hold on a second. the jag roughing the passer helmet to helmet. pump fake and runs it in. scored 2 touch downs on the ground with fourth straight victory 27-10 now 6 and 3 on the year. a.g. m bean named executive of the year by sporting news. he hold add team expected to finish dead last division champion and did it with the lowest payroll in baseball. second time he won the award first capturing it wac in 1999. >> usc fall equipment manager
11:31 pm
fired for deflating football before the oregon gametime on saturday. deflated ball is easier to throw and catch. turns out the duck did lots of throwing and catches with deflated ball. so who, who would instruct a stunt manager to do such a thing? head coach took the approach saying i know nothing. sports were the to you by river rock casino. who know. >> oh, boy. >> thought it up on his own. >> thanks larry. >> "nightline"is up next. i'm dan. >> i'm carolyn johnson thanks for joining us. 7 news continues tomorrow morning starting
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